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Frequently Asked Questions

Racehorse ownership can feel complicated, no question is a wrong question!


Should I expect to make money by joining the Crowd or buying shares in horses?

Absolutely not; We will always try and maximise the value of the horses and the prize money the horses earn, but expecting to make money from race horse ownership is unrealistic.

Am I guaranteed an Owners & Trainers badge when my horse runs?

In over 150 races in recent months, we have managed to accommodate everybody who requested a badge on more than 80% of times. Racing Club members will have a lot of chances to go racing, and we would be surprised if you didn't get to go racing as an owner at least twice a year.


What additional costs should I expect to incur?

We guarantee you will not incur any additional costs whatsoever. The amount you pay at the start, covers everything for the period defined. We are proud of our track record on ensuring great value for money for a great experience, and a key part of that is complete visibility of cost up front.

Can I buy a membership or shares as a gift?

Absolutely, we send out a lot of gift memberships. For the racing fan, The Gold and Green Racing Club membership is the perfect gift in so many ways. If you are buying as a gift, please let us know so we can personalise the certificate and ensure the gift is special.


How many members are in The Crowd?

As of April 1st 2024, we have over 300 members but we are looking to grow that further. However, that does work out as low as 30 members per horse so we are not a 4000 members per horse kind of group. There are always opportunities for all members to go racing and to go to stable visits.

What will I receive once I have joined?

All new members, or share holders, receive a digital welcome pack which includes a member/ owner certificate, pictures of your horse(s) and an overview of your benefits, trainer and horse(s).


Why should I join the Gold and Green Racing Club and not another racing club/ syndicate ?

We strongly believe we are the best value, and with the most comprehensive experience in the UK, but we are obviously not the only option. Many of our members have involvement in a number of different racing clubs and syndicates, and we are intentionally priced to allow members to take a diverse approach to their personal "strings". We will always strive to be the best, offer the best and stand up against the best, but fully support members being involved elsewhere too.

Why are your horses predominately based down South?

We have had a number of horses in the "North" and have tried to make horses work with a few others but it has always been that bit tougher. We are very much focussed on increasing our presence in Yorkshire, The North and in Scotland but we will take the right opportunity at the right time.

We do currently have 2 horses with Rebecca Menzies in the North-East and in the past 18 months or so, we have worked with Sam England, Sandy Thomson, Iain Jardine, Ollie Pimlott and tried to get horses off the ground with Ed Bethell and Jim Goldie. We also had horses with Lucy Normile prior to her packing up.

We are committed to these regions as part of our growth, but we won't just take any horse to tick a box.


How do I keep up to date with progress of my horses?

Our App is updated daily with news on the horses. Well-being, running plans, training updates and videos and pictures are always added and there is plenty opportunities to ask questions on how your horses are doing.

Do you offer flexible payment options?

Yes - Klarna

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