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What our members say...

Our horses are pivotal to our success, and our trainers are vital to making that success happen, but without our members, our community, it all means a whole lot less.

We work hard to deliver the very best experience we are able to, and continue to strive for world-class excellence. Our aim is to be the very best in class, and in order to achieve that aim it is imperative we listen to our members, and take on board their feedback, suggestions and input.

Below is a small selection of the best recent feedback, and we hope to see your name added to the list one day soon!


The App we use is brilliant!



Top racing club with great quality horses and members.

Z. Glenfield


Following all the horses is great, when a few are on holiday, there are still plenty racing. 

J. Adams


Really enjoy using the app, always kept up to date and feel part of the club.


WhatsApp Image 2024-01-28 at 13.12.13.jpg




A great selections of trainers, right across the UK.

G. Etherington


Find myself jumping up and down and shouting at the TV whenever we have a runner.

L. Humphrey


I am glad I joined and would recommend to anyone.

B. Miller


Getting owners badges is very realistic.

S. Barnes




This really is a first class operation.

T. Fillingham

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-28 at 09.01.46.jpg




Best club around, and I have tried a few.

G. Rawle


I have been a member for around 8 years, and it has afforded me opportunities I could have previously only dreamed of.

A. Cummins


Super value for money.

A. Dunmore

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