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NOODLE MISSION won at the weekend, but any adjustment to his mark will be done next Tuesday 28th May, but this week also saw runs for MILITRY DECORATION and SIEMPRE ARTURO and their marks have been reviewed and adjusted.

SIEMPRE ARTURO ran a very decent race to finish a close 5th at Windsor, and has been dropped 1lb to a mark of 73. Doesn't really change anything as this mark won't allow him to drop a grade but we are very much looking up with SIEMPRE anyhow.

MILITRY DECORATION travelled well for a long way at Newbury, before folding and finishing well beaten. Jockey, Hector Crouch was baffled at what went wrong, as are we right now. Physically, DEC was in great condition, and the track, going and distance were all ideal as was the way the race panned out, so the poor run is a little bit of a mystery. DEC has been a star for The Gold and Green Racing Club and his trainer Camilla Poulton and has always been a consistent type who tries his heart out every run. This was not his running at all. We will give Dec some time in the field to freshen him up, and let him enjoy the Spring and bring him back to again, if he rediscovers his form he will win more races and he has bounced back before.

Jockey discussing tactics

One of the major benefits of being a member of The Gold and Green Racing Club is that you enjoy following all of our horses.

You don't have to choose, and you won't be left feeling left out if the ones you have picked run below par, or need time off.

Currently we have 12 horses in the Racing Club, and members get updates on ALL the horses, and can apply for Owners Badges to go racing for ALL of the horses, and they can attend stable visits at ALL of our stables.

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This past week has been a great demonstration of the advantages we offer as all sides of being involved in racehorse ownership can be seen.

The excitement and buzz of a winner, with NOODLE MISSION, the anticipation of better to come with a solid run from SIEMPRE ARTURO, the frustration of LOUBIERE needing to miss one race due to the going, and then another due to a snotty nose, and the disappointment of MILITY DECORATION running below far. Add in the thrill of a new horse joining us with BORODALE and the fun of our free competition that saw 3 members win Gold and Green Premier in 4 horses each, then it has been a rollercoaster of a period and definitely encapsulates what being in THE GOLD AND GREEN RACING CLUB is all about!

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