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Our experience, passion and community all contribute to making The Gold and Green Racing Club
the best way to experience racehorse ownership.


What is The Gold and Green Racing Club, why are we different and why should you join? 

These are the three questions we are usually asked, and we are delighted to answer. 


We are a multi-horse racing club, the club currently has 11 racehorses in training and members of the club share a genuine ownership interest in each of those horses, for just the one all-inclusive annual cost. The number of horses will go up, and sometimes down, and the cost doesn’t change. There will never be less than 8 horses in the string at any one time, but we won’t just add any random horse to maintain numbers. We only select horses we are convinced will positively add to what we do.

The club retains a nice variety of young and older horses, flat and jumps horses, proven winners and horses with unlimited potential; we have something for everyone. And with The Gold and Green Racing Club, you don’t have to choose a horse to get involved with. All Racing Club members follow all the horses, all the time. 

Our exclusive Members-only smart phone app and website will ensure you receive real-time updates on everything that is happening with your horses direct from the trainers or our dedicated racing manager.

There will also be lots of opportunities to go racing VIP style as an owner, attend stable visits and meet the trainers as well as social events exclusive to our members. 


All of this....and more, for just £100 for 12 months!


New for 2024, we have added Gold and Green Premier to our options of how you can get involved.


Gold & Green Premier allows you to be part of something exciting and thrilling, without busting budgets or putting you into a group of 2/3000 other members as is the case with micro-share/ fractional share offers. 

Whereas the Gold and Green Racing Club, collectively owns a share of each horse, with Premier you will be purchasing your very own share in your chosen horse. 


With a maximum of 100 Gold and Green Premier members per horse, collectively sharing 20% ownership, you will not get lost amongst the masses.


Our world-class communication and exclusive website and smart phone app will keep you updated on a daily basis, and your chances of going racing as an owner are realistic, not 1 in a 3000 chance!


We have a great selection of horses, with 4 of the horses from the Gold and Green Racing Club being available to take Premier Status. 

The one off payment covers all costs, with a guarantee of nothing else to pay for that period, and an option to extend or step back when that period ends.

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